The Cutting Room Floor


The original manuscript of A Price to Pay was over 600 pages long. In cutting it down to a manageable size, so that readers wouldn’t lose the will to live, a lot of rubbish was removed, but also some material that was decent but deemed extraneous.  Below is a selection of these pieces not included in the final text.


A Mess of Potage 
The 2003 extradition Treaty between the UK and the US is at the root of many of the current problems.  Its history does the last Government little credit, and its provisions remain misunderstood and misquoted to this day.

Better Off Guilty
The US criminal justice system works almost entirely on threat and bargain.  Understanding the way the game is played would be instructive to the UK’s lawmakers who seem hell-bent on emulating the American system in any way they can, seemingly with little understanding of the consequences.

Bounty Hunters
The US practice of rendition is not widely understood, and their attitude to the manner in which defendants are apprehended could best be described as cavalier.  Just ask David Carruthers, the former CEO of Betonsports PLC.

Everyone’s A Winner
If you’re not a financial geek, stay clear of this one.  My editor took one look at it and struck a line through the entire chapter.  For the forensic accountants out there, though, this is my analysis of what I believe actually happened between Andy Fastow and Enron in one of the most infamous transactions of the whole Enron saga, never understood by a single ‘expert’ working on the Enron case.

Freedom of Information
I’m a great conspiracy theorist.  Just before our extradition in 2006, I tried to find out what dirty dealings had been going on behind the scenes in the Home Office, and came agonisingly close.  The truth is still out there!

Plan B
In one of life’s greatest ever own-goals, we potentially had our own redemption, and a magnificent victory over the forces of darkness in two different Governments within our grasp, and let it slip away by being just a little bit too clever for our own good.

Taking Liberties
A good friends of mine, Chris Atkins, who is a documentary film-maker, got so fed up with listening to me ranting about the Blair Government’s assault on our liberties that he decided to make a full length film on the subject.  The finished product, which was nominated for a BAFTA in 2008, should be compulsory viewing for all politicians.

Taking the Long Way
You can find strength and inspiration in the strangest of places.  Five thousand miles away in Texas, I found it in the story and the music of the Dixie Chicks, three rebels with a cause who took on the might of the country music establishment, and faced down the opprobrium of bible belt opinion after one of them made some injudicious comments about George ‘Dubya’ Bush at a gig in London.

The Rubber Hose Three
We were spectators to the arrest and indictment of eight businessmen in a Houston energy conference in 2007, on allegations of price-fixing.  Amongst the eight, three were British, and became, alongside us, trapped in Houston, fish out of water.


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