“You don’t need to be a banker or extradition lawyer to be chilled by David Bermingham’s story. In this shrinking world of travel, trade and the internet, all of us are vulnerable to the injustice of being parcelled off like baggage to take our chances with unforgiving legal systems far away from home. Read this and give a copy to a friend. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll continue to fall for anything.”

Shami Chakrabarti – Director, Liberty


“An absolute must read.  This first class book shows why every British citizen is now at risk and why we all must fight to have our rights and  freedoms restored. Lying down and rolling over is not an option. The fight goes on”.

Janis Sharp – Mother of Gary McKinnon


“No doubt some may say that this story is a perspective on truth: I can attest to the fact that it is absolute truth as to how the US Justice Department operates. David versus Goliath is not nearly descriptive enough to accurately convey the scale of the fight and it is impossible to compute the level of intellect, honesty and fortitude needed to survive an assault of this magnitude. This story should become compulsory reading for all budding CEO’s and will shock any businessman operating in the USA.”

David Carruthers – (Former) CEO BETonSPORTS plc.


"Whatever your personal views on the NatWest Three, you must read this book for the human story of how three British men were betrayed by their government."

Babar Ahmad – in prison since 2004 fighting extradition to the US - Everyone in finance should read David Bermingham's "A Price To Pay" - 19 May 2012

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"An astonishing story, and a harrowing cautionary tale on the nightmares of the US criminal justice system."


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